CE Variables

CE Variables

Smart, Efficient Variables

CE Variables is an EE plugin that utilizes the template partials approach of ExpressionEngine® templating. It can help you to build leaner, cleaner, faster sites.

This plugin has been used in projects since 2010, and has evolved a lot since that time. A lot of inspiration was drawn from using Twig while working on Craft projects. The result is a smarter, more organized, and more efficient way of coding ExpressionEngine sites.


Here are some of the great things that CE Variables has to offer:

  • Lightweight. The add-on is light in footprint, and your templates will likely skinny up too. There are no database queries, and no craziness. Just lean business. Well, fun, lean business.
  • Easy to Learn and Use. CE Variables simplifies working with templates. It's easy to wrap your head around. There are no 'bundles', 'scopes', 'contexts', or any of that dazzle. Check out the Variable Tags.
  • Template Partials Approach. Helps to keep your code re-usable, clean, DRY, and organized.
  • Set and Get Content. It is very easy to move content around in your templates.
  • List Management. In addition to setting text content, you can also easily work with lists of content.
  • It's a plugin. There is no module or extension to install, just a little ol' plugin. Plugins are simple, and offer more flexibility (like the ability to change the parse order to inward).
  • Control Parse Order. Parse what you want, when you want.
  • Alternative Conditionals. An early-parsed alternative to the native conditionals. They can be nested to any depth, and can process whatever you need. They play nice with native conditionals too.

Please review the License Agreement and System Requirements.