Feature Comparison

Feature CE Image ED Image Resizer Lumis Image Sizer EE (Native)
Resize images on-the-fly Yes Yes Yes No
Resize images to fit within a maximum width and height Yes Yes No Yes
Fallback image if source image is not found Yes Yes No n/a
Change background color Yes Yes No No
Return tag for simplified output Yes Yes Yes No
Work with remote images Yes No Yes No
Automatically determine server path to cache directory Yes No Yes Yes
Return variables for custom output Yes No Yes Yes
Dynamically change cache directory Yes No Yes n/a
Update cached image if source image changes Yes No Yes n/a
Image Filters > 15 0 1 0
Position and offset cropped images Yes No No No
Rotate or flip images Yes No No No
Can save images to different image formats Yes No No No
Customizable cached image names Yes No No No
Relative path for source (above and below web root) Yes No No  
Full server path for source Yes No No  
Watermark Yes No No Yes
Borders Yes No No No
Rounded Corners Yes No No No
ASCII art Yes No No No
Top colors and average color information Yes No No No
Reflections Yes No No No
Save manipulated images to Amazon S3 Yes No No No

The above comparison chart was compiled against ED Image Resizer 1.0.0, Lumis Image Sizer 2.6.4, and ExpressionEngine® 2.3.1. If you find any of the feature comparisons to be inaccurate, please notify us and we will update this chart expediently.