CE Image

CE Image

Powerful Image Manipulation Made Easy

CE Image is an image manipulation tool for use in your ExpressionEngine® templates. It is feature-packed, and allows you to manipulate images with very simple syntax. It is one of the highest rated and most reviewed ExpressionEngine® add-ons on the market. Hundreds of EE developers have trusted their image needs to CE Image.


The complete set of features are too numerous to list here (take a look at the User Guide for more details), but here is a high-level overview:

  • Resize images by width and/or height
  • Crop images by width and/or height, and optionally specify alignment and offset
  • Apply multiple image filters to achieve exciting effects dynamically (currently > 15 different filter types)
  • Apply watermarks (very customizable)
  • Create rounded corners (very customizable)
  • Rotate and flip images
  • Save images to different image formats
  • Compress jpg images (via the quality= parameter) for smaller file size (faster loading)
  • Automatically download, manipulate, and cache images from different sites/domains
  • Manipulate images by their URL, server path, or relative path to web root
  • Preserve alpha in png and gif images (as much as possible, depending on your server configuration)
  • Optionally specify the cache directories on a per entry basis (right from the plugin tag)
  • Hide the image’s relative path and/or hash the filename if you don’t want to reveal where the original image is located
  • Cache all manipulated images to increase performance
  • Optionally allow your images to scale larger than their original size
  • Automatically re-cache images if their source or watermark images are modified
  • Add image reflections
  • ASCII art generation
  • Get your image’s top color and average color information
  • Save your manipulated images to your Amazon S3 account (view the Requirements)
  • Detailed documentation
  • And so much more…

The following image formats are supported:

  • jpeg/jpg
  • gif
  • png

Please review the License Agreement and System Requirements.