User Guide

What CE Lossless for ExpressionEngine® Is

CE Lossless is an ExpressionEngine® extension that losslessly compresses images. It currently compresses images as they are uploaded with the native EE upload functionality, and when new images are created using CE Image. Take a look at the CE Lossless documentation main page for more details.

It is very easy to use. Once installed (see installation page for more details), it will automatically compress the images that CE Image creates.

Notes & Advice

These are a few of my (Aaron Waldon’s) thoughts about some of the add-on’s finer points. This seemed as good a place as any to jot them down:

  • Losslessly compressing images takes time. It can take up to a few seconds to process an image, but generally happens in less than a second. The images made by CE Image are only processed by CE Lossless when they are first made and saved though, so subsequent requests should not be affected. Compress once, and enjoy saved bandwidth and increased performance thereafter.
  • I personally find that there is not much ground to be gained by running jpegoptim in addition to jpegtran; jpegtran cleans house pretty well by itself.
  • It is my opinion that gifsicle gives marginal returns.
  • I think pngout is an excellent technology for compressing png images. Unfortunately, it can be cumbersome to setup (unless you’re running Windows).