CE String

CE String

It Does It All

CE String is a string manipulation tool for use in your ExpressionEngine® templates. It is feature-packed, and allows you to manipulate strings (text) with very simple syntax.


Here are some of the great things that CE String has to offer:

  • The syntax is awesome. You can do much more with your code, while coding way less.
  • You can chain methods together, and they can be used multiple times, in the order you specify… So no more having to download a digital truckload of plugins for each build and nesting them inside each other to format your text the way you want it! (We’ve all been there. Often.)
  • It is comprehensive. There are currently over thirty custom methods, and an addition thirty-something native methods that allow you to easily interface with native PHP functions.
  • The PHP method is liberating; more efficient and flexible than the native input/output PHP parsing jazz. Unlike the first-party solution, your PHP-rendered content will actually show up in your template where your tag was. Now you can add PHP when and where you want it. ;)
  • …and so much more. Again, there are more than 60 chainable methods. You can do all sorts of things, from using Markdown and Textile, to sanitizing your text, and a whole lot in between!

Please review the License Agreement and System Requirements.