The following extended configuration is completely optional. This will allow you to change the default settings for the CE String plugin directly from your config.php file.

Note: All config settings are optional.

Config Options

Simply copy what you need from the following code and paste it in your system/expressionengine/config/config.php file after the line that reads, // END EE config items.

| CE String Config Items
| The following items are for use with CE String. They are all optional:

| Do you want to disable the 'php' method?

$config['ce_str_disable_php'] = true;
// END CE String config items

MSM Configuration Overrides

When using Multiple Site Manager (MSM), you may sometimes need site-specific settings. Please note that you don’t need all of the settings. You may choose to only copy one or more as needed.

Settings specified in the global array will take precedence over settings specified in the config.

ExpressionEngine® 2.x

You may add any of the following settings to the global_vars array in the site’s index.php file.

$assign_to_config['global_vars']['ce_str_disable_php'] => true;