Step 1 - ExpressionEngine® 2.x Setup

  • Unzip the newly donloaded .zip file.
  • Upload the /system/expressionengine/third_party/ce_tweet folder to the /system/expressionengine/third_party directory.
  • Upload the /themes/third_party/ce_tweet folder to the /themes/third_party/ directory of your site.
  • Set permissions. The EE cache directory (located in system/expressionengine/cache by default) should have at least 775 permissions (it should anyway). You may need to set this to 777, per the ExpressionEngine® installation instructions.
  • Enable the module (required) and fieldtype (optional). Log into your control panel and go to Add-Ons -> Modules. Locate CE Tweet in the list and click on the Install link. Choose to install the module, and install the fieldtpe if you plan to use it.

Step 2 - Twitter OAuth

  • Navigate to
  • Log in to your Twitter account (if not logged in already).
  • Click on “Create a new application” and fill out the form. You can leave the “Callback URL” field empty.
  • Once your application is created, you should land on a page with the “Details” tab selected. Click on the “Create my access token” button to generate your access tokens.
  • Add your OAuth credentials to your system/expressionengine/config/config.php file after the line that reads, // END EE config items:
//CE Tweet
$config['ce_tweet_consumer_key'] = 'consumer_key_here';
$config['ce_tweet_consumer_secret'] = 'consumer_secret_here';
$config['ce_tweet_oauth_token'] = 'access_token_here';
$config['ce_tweet_oauth_secret'] = 'access_token_secret_here';
  • Switch to the "Settings" tab for you Twitter appliation and ensure that the “Application Type” setting is set to “Read and Write” (although CE Tweet doesn’t currently perform any write functionality, some users have reported experiencing problems if this is set to “Read only”).