Follow Button

Generates a Twitter Follow Button.


Note: Be sure to add the Twitter Web Intents script (see the Intents Script Tag for more details):

{exp:ce_tweet:follow_button screen_name="causingeffect" show_screen_name="no" show_count="yes"}
{exp:ce_tweet:follow_button screen_name="causingeffect" show_count="yes" lang="pt"}
{exp:ce_tweet:follow_button screen_name="causingeffect" size="large"}


Note: The screen_name= parameter is required. The other parameters are all optional.


The screen name of the user to follow. Required.


Whether or not to show the count. Can be "yes" or "no". Defaults to "no".


Button size. Can be "medium" or "large". Defaults to "medium" if not specified.


Twitter supported 2-letter language code. Example: es for Spanish.


Can be 'left' or 'right'.


Optionally specify a width. This parameter doesn't really affect the width of the button itself, but of the iframe that the script generates. It's generally best to leave this parameter unset.


Whether or not to show the screen name. Can be "yes" or "no". Defaults to "yes".


Opt out of Twitter's content tailoring. Can be "yes" or "no". Defaults to "yes".


Whether or not to generate an iframe, or use anchor links. Can be "yes" or "no". Defaults to "no" (meaning an iframe will not be used). It is recommended to leave this at its default, and not use iframes. The Twitter Web Intents script eventually changes the anchor links to iframes anyway. If this parameter is set to "yes", the size=, width= and align= parameters are unsupported, but you will be able to set styles for the iframe via the style= parameter.

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