CE Tweet has a ton of available tags. Below are the available tags and their descriptions. Click on a tag to see it’s parameters and examples:


  • Home Timeline - Returns the most recent statuses, including retweets, by the user and the users they follow.
  • Mentions - Returns the most recent mentions (status containing @username) for the authenticating user.
  • Retweets of Me - Returns the most recent tweets of the authenticated user that have been retweeted by others.
  • User Timeline - Returns the most recent statuses posted by the specified user.


  • Retweets - Returns up to 100 of the first retweets of a given tweet.
  • Show - Returns a single status, specified by the tweet’s id parameter. The status’s author will be returned inline.
  • oEmbed - Returns information allowing the creation of an embedded representation of a Tweet on third party sites.


  • Search - Returns tweets that match a specified query.


  • Show User - Returns information about a specified user.


  • Favorites - Returns the most recent favorite statuses for the authenticating user or user specified by the id= parameter in the requested format.


  • Lists Statuses - Returns the tweet timeline for members of the specified list.


  • Rate Limit Status - Returns the remaining number of API requests available to the requesting user before the API limit is reached for the current hour. Calls to rate limit status do not count against the rate limit.



  • Intents - Outputs the Twitter widget script.