Home Timeline Tag

Returns the most recent statuses, (optionally) including retweets, by the user and the users they follow.


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Note: These docs are static, so relative dates may be inaccurate.

Note: You have complete control over the code, variables, and style of your Tweets. If you plan on utilizing the reply, favorite, and/or retweet actions, make sure to add the Twitter Web Intents script (see the Intents Script Tag for more details):

<div class="ce_tweet_holder group">
    {exp:ce_tweet:home_timeline count="2"}
    <div class="ce_tweet">
        <div class="ce_tweet_left">
            <a class="ce_tweet_username" href="http://twitter.com/{user_screen_name}" target="_blank"><img src="{user_profile_image_url}" alt="" /></a>
        </div><!-- .ce_tweet_left -->
        <div class="ce_tweet_right">
            <div class="ce_tweet_row">
                <a class="ce_tweet_username" href="http://twitter.com/{user_screen_name}" target="_blank">{user_name}</a>
                <a class="ce_tweet_name" href="http://twitter.com/{user_screen_name}" target="_blank">{user_screen_name}</a>
            </div><!-- .ce_tweet_row -->
            <div class="ce_tweet_row ce_tweet_text">{text}</div>
            <div class="ce_tweet_row ce_tweet_actions">
                <a class="ce_tweet_time" href="https://twitter.com/{user_screen_name}/statuses/{id_str}" title="{created_at format="%g:%i %A, %M %j%S (%T)"}" target="_blank"><span class="icon-twitter"></span> {created_at_relative}</a>
                <a class="ce_tweet_reply" href="https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?in_reply_to={id_str}" target="_blank"><span>Reply</span></a>
                <a class="ce_tweet_retweet{if retweeted} ce_tweet_retweeted{/if}" href="https://twitter.com/intent/retweet?tweet_id={id_str}" target="_blank"><span>Retweet</span></a>
                <a class="ce_tweet_favorite{if favorited} ce_tweet_favorited{/if}" href="https://twitter.com/intent/favorite?tweet_id={id_str}" target="_blank"><span>Favorite</span></a>
            </div><!-- .ce_tweet_row -->
        </div><!-- .ce_tweet_right -->
    </div><!-- .ce_tweet -->
</div><!-- .ce_tweet_holder -->


Note: There are no required parameters for this tag. In other words, the following parameters are all optional.


Specifies the number of records to retrieve. Must be less than or equal to 200. Defaults to "20".


Returns results with an id greater than (that is, more recent than) the specified id. There are limits to the number of Tweets which can be accessed through the API. If the limit of Tweets has occurred since the since_id, the since_id will be forced to the oldest id available.


Returns results with an id less than (that is, older than) or equal to the specified id.


When set to "yes" each tweet returned in a timeline will include a user object including only the status authors numerical id. Omit this parameter to receive the complete user object. The default is "no".


When set to "yes",the timeline will contain native retweets (if they exist) in addition to the standard stream of tweets. The output format of retweeted tweets is identical to the representation you see in home_timeline. Note: If you're using the trim_user parameter in conjunction with include_rts, the retweets will still contain a full user object. The default is "no".


When set to "yes", each tweet will include a variety of metadata about the tweet, including: user_mentions, urls, and hashtags. The default is "yes".


This parameter will prevent replies from appearing in the returned timeline. Using exclude_replies= will mean you will receive up-to count tweets — this is because the count parameter retrieves that many tweets before filtering out retweets and replies. The default is "no".


This parameter enhances the contributors element of the status response to include the screen_name of the contributor. By default only the user_id of the contributor is included. The default is "yes".


Should the text be hyperlinked? Can be one or more of the following:

  • h Link hashtags like #example
  • m Link mention like @causingeffect
  • u Link URLs like http://www.causingeffect.com Multiple values should be pipe delimited. Defaults to "h|m|u".


The amount of seconds to cache this tag’s output. Defaults to "300" (5 minutes).



Note: Take a look at the Twitter Tweets documentation for more details about the variables.

Twitter Resources

This method is an implementation of the Twitter statuses/home_timeline REST API.