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Returns a single status, specified by the id parameter below. The status’s author will be returned inline.

As a convenience, you can join multiple ids via a pipe character (|). Keep in mind that each id will still count as a hit toward your request limit.


Back home as national champs again!! gotta believe! Well done team
We are limited only by our imagination

Note: You have complete control over the code, variables, and style of your Tweets. If you plan on utilizing the reply, favorite, and/or retweet actions, make sure to add the Twitter Web Intents script (see the Intents Script Tag for more details):

<div class="ce_tweet_holder group">
    {exp:ce_tweet:show id="181563944526286848|181808194455224320"}
    <div class="ce_tweet">
        <div class="ce_tweet_left">
            <a class="ce_tweet_username" href="{user_screen_name}" target="_blank"><img src="{user_profile_image_url}" alt="" /></a>
        </div><!-- .ce_tweet_left -->
        <div class="ce_tweet_right">
            <div class="ce_tweet_row">
                <a class="ce_tweet_username" href="{user_screen_name}" target="_blank">{user_name}</a>
                <a class="ce_tweet_name" href="{user_screen_name}" target="_blank">{user_screen_name}</a>
            </div><!-- .ce_tweet_row -->
            <div class="ce_tweet_row ce_tweet_text">{text}</div>
            <div class="ce_tweet_row ce_tweet_actions">
                <a class="ce_tweet_time" href="{user_screen_name}/statuses/{id_str}" title="{created_at format="%g:%i %A, %M %j%S (%T)"}" target="_blank"><span class="icon-twitter"></span> {created_at_relative}</a>
                <a class="ce_tweet_reply" href="{id_str}" target="_blank"><span>Reply</span></a>
                <a class="ce_tweet_retweet{if retweeted} ce_tweet_retweeted{/if}" href="{id_str}" target="_blank"><span>Retweet</span></a>
                <a class="ce_tweet_favorite{if favorited} ce_tweet_favorited{/if}" href="{id_str}" target="_blank"><span>Favorite</span></a>
            </div><!-- .ce_tweet_row -->
        </div><!-- .ce_tweet_right -->
    </div><!-- .ce_tweet -->
</div><!-- .ce_tweet_holder -->


Note: The tweet id= parameter is required. The other parameters are all optional.


The numerical id of the desired status.


When set to "yes" each tweet returned in a timeline will include a user object including only the status authors numerical id. Omit this parameter to receive the complete user object. The default is "no".


When set to "yes", each tweet will include a variety of metadata about the tweet, including: user_mentions, urls, and hashtags. The default is "yes".


When set to "yes", any statuses returned that have been retweeted by the authenticating user will include an additional current_user_retweet node, containing the ID of the source status for the retweet. Defaults to "no".


Should the text be hyperlinked? Can be one or more of the following:

  • h Link hashtags like #example
  • m Link mention like @causingeffect
  • u Link URLs like

Multiple values should be pipe delimited. Defaults to "h|m|u".


The amount of time to cache this tag’s output.



Note: Take a look at the Twitter Tweets documentation for more details about the variables.

Twitter Resources

This method is an implementation of the Twitter statuses/retweets/:id REST API.